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Geelong vs Hawthorn. A preview?

  • Geelong vs Hawthorn. A preview?

Easter Monday rolls around again and as we have come to expect, the Geelong versus Hawthorn blockbuster is the cherry on the top of this opening round.


In keeping with this theological canon, this clash could certainly be considered as a David versus Goliath battle.

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Hawthorn is the Philistine champion Goliath, garbed in his gold and brown armour: an AFL giant indeed when you consider that the Hawks have won the last three premierships. There they stand staring down Geelong’s David, a shepherd boy from rural parts: last year’s finishing position of 10th only confirming their lowly standing.


Or, maybe Geelong is Goliath, boasting a massive 7 players 195cm or over, a sight rarely seen before in an AFL combination. And Hawthorn is David, the young shepherd boy bringing down foes with deadly accurate disposal from his sling.


Or maybe not. Perhaps Goliath is in fact the MCG itself, a hulking colossus of a stadium ready to cater for 75,000 screaming fans and, like the masterpiece created by Michelangelo, the Dennis Lillee statue outside the ground is David. Dennis does have his pants on though.


It could even be a David versus Goliath battle in another sense. Like the cars from the 1950’s: the David Torpedo and the Goliath 1100.


Or none of those.


It ‘s conceivable that it’s not about David and Goliath at all, just David.





Dave. D.A.V.E.

Dave’s not here, man.

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