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Brangelina, TomKat and the Vuvuzela

  • Brangelina, TomKat and the Vuvuzela

Wow, what a crazy week of football that was. Have a gander at this batch of highlights from Round 5. 

Carlton surprised everyone by beating Fremantle. I wonder how many people would have picked that at the start of the year. Probably only those who bet on Leicester to win the EPL title. (I didn’t want to mention the tanking word this early in the season, but Ross Lyon is a very smart cookie. He knows that by years end with the retirements of Pavlich and Sandilands, his list is going to be as thin as Hayden Ballantyne’s Christmas card list. He also knows that a number 1 pick will be the absolute minimum required to pry Jesse Hogan away from Melbourne. You join the dots.)

And for the third week in a row, Hawthorn somehow managed to squeeze out a three point win: this time at the expense of a very unlucky Adelaide. 

Maintaining the three theme, Matt Suckling became the third Bulldog half back flanker (not a euphemism) after Rob Murphy and Jason Johanissen to succumb to a leg injury. If Shane Biggs or Jed Adcock go down this week, I’m calling conspiracy.

Collingwood reminded us that sometimes it IS about size: once again big Cox got a lot of people excited. 

In scenes not seen since the 2010 Soccer World Cup, some guy with a vuvuzela managed to sneak into every game of the round and hold up proceedings with his tootling. Quite rightly he was given the silent treatment before being ushered out. I did some checking and found out he was celebrating some woman called Anne Zack and Les something-or-other…..I forget.

And the melee made a dramatic return, firstly in the Port Adelaide/Geelong game and then on Sunday night the Melbourne/Richmond stoush.

Incidently, melee doesn’t rhyme with ‘free leigh’ as you might think, it rhymes with mayday. And that, unless I’m very much mistaken, is the celebrity couple nickname for the Gold Coast Suns. In much the same fashion as Brangelina and TomKat, using the names of the team’s bookends Stephen May and Sam Day, MayDay was coined to give the Suns more exposure in the market. Very important in a town like the Gold Coast.

Which leads us nicely into this week.where the Suns pay a visit to Simonds Stadium for a Saturday night clash with the Cats. Both teams have started the year well, but injuries and suspensions have slowed the Suns in the past couple of weeks. Missing key backmen Thompson and May, and midfielders Swallow, O’Meara and now Rischitelli, the rest of the Gold Coast outfit will have their work cut out.

One initiative that is good to see is that Geelong is preparing its players for life after football. Lachie Henderson returns this week after completing a management course. Tom Ruggles is doing his this week and his spot will be temporarily filled by Jed Bews. A holistic approach, I like it.

I think the best piece of advice I could give Chris Scott is not to tag the Ablett boy with Cameron Guthrie. If Gaz does get flashbacks to his time in the hoops, he might accidentally handball to one of our players, thus providing a turnover our way. This has no chance of happening if Guthrie tags him, since Guthrie wears Gazza’s old number (29), he wouldn’t handball to himself.

At home, closer to full strength, it would surprise if the Cats don't win. 

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