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Eddie Murphy, words & propaganda

  • Eddie Murphy, words & propaganda

Just like Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd, it was a case of trading places last week. I was on the Gold Coast at a function while the Gold Coast Suns were at Simonds Stadium being dysfunctional. 

I did manage to catch the game, and by the time the final siren sounded, I was feeling quite warm and contented. Don’t be fooled, this had nothing to do with the Gold Coast humidity and the jelly shots: it was more to do with the way the Cats dismantled the Suns to the tune of 20 goals. (or to be more precise, 18 goals 12)

It was a most satisfying win with significant contributions from all players.

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While providing no guarantees, a 100+ point win is an indication that the systems are in good shape. The extra percentage doesn’t hurt either: if you look at year-end ladders of years past, you will notice the very best teams always have high percentage.

In the past couple of years, when the opportunities arose for a big win, Geelong were never able to take them. Last week’s win provides much hope that September action will be back on the menu.

So, from the Gold Coast we now proceed to the West Coast. And we can do that in four easy moves. Just like those word puzzles.






If only it were going to be that easy today. West Coast, last year’s Grand Finalists will be a different kettle of fish to the Suns. Yes, we know they don’t play their best footy away from Subiaco.

Flat-track bullies?

Home-court heroes?

Perhaps. But they are a quality side full of potential match winners. And Simonds Stadium has similar dimensions to Subiaco, which will suit their much-vaunted web.

One item that does concern me is something I read during the week. It claimed to be a nursery rhyme entitled ‘This Old Man’, but I believe it may have been propaganda put out by the West Coast media department to unsettle our team. In it, not once, but a staggering TEN times is the line “Nic Nat Paddy whack”.

Yes, I know.

If anything untoward happens to our newly hooped hero, then I personally will be contacting the AFL and demanding an explanation.

Gillan McLaughlin, you are on notice.

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