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Tipples, missing boots and Madonna

  • Tipples, missing boots and Madonna

Ah, those croweaters are a jolly bunch. And it seems they really like a tipple as well. From what I can gather from watching the footy on TV last Friday night, there was quite a bit of happy drinking going on. 

Every time our new number 35 went near the ball, there would be a massive chorus of "BOOZE!!!” All I can surmise from this is that they were toasting the health of young Paddy: raising their snifters of West End Draught, draining them, and then calling out for a refill in preparation for his next contest. A most forgiving bunch indeed. 

Having said that, I'm sure the Adelaide crowd (Interesting how I could have mistyped crowd with an S and it still would have made sense) would not have been too disappointed in the 26 point loss, despite Geelong having their 'missing boots' on. That's two away wins in Adelaide now, and that can only bode well for the Cats. 

While all this was going on, up north, Collingwood were regaining some of their best form by spanking the Lion in Brisbane. While their start to the season has been less than ideal, a confidence boosting win can do wonders.

Of recent times, the Pies have had a happy knack of producing an upset win against our boys, and this week’s game seems to have all the ingredients for just such an occurrence. I would not be surprised to see Collingwood pull off a surprising win. Hopefully Geelong can maintain their focus and professionalism and keep their impressive 2016 record intact.

One Magpie component the Cats may not have to deal with this week is former star forward Travis Cloke. Travis has lost all form. ALL form. This made me think of a few other things that have disappeared without a trace. Here is a list of things we can compare Travis’ form to.

If Travis’ form was a British peer, it would be Lord Lucan.

If  Travis’ form was an ancient civilization, it would be Atlantis

If  Travis’ form was a union boss, it would be Jimmy Hoffa

If  Travis’ form was an aeroplane, it would be MH370

If  Travis’ form was a painting in a 1980’s BBC comedy series, it would no doubt be The Fallen Madonna with the Big B00bies

If you can think of any more, please let me know in the comments


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