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Ali, Dinner and the Pill

  • Ali, Dinner and the Pill

Dear footy lover,

It’s been a while since we last conversed, and in that time much water has flown under the bridge. (Quite a bit has fallen from the sky too.) There has been a lot of talk about ducking, both Lindsay Thomas and Caroline Wilson. Plus, there have been byes and bye-byes, most notably the great Muhammad Ali. And Geelong had a couple of good wins against fellow finals contenders followed by another baffling loss to a team outside the eight.

But I think the most significant event was the informal dinner put on by AFL boss Gillon McLachlan. All the coaches were invited with a view to voicing any concerns they had with regard to the state of the game. The problem with a function like this is that it’s a private affair. I’m sure every Joe Public would love to be there, listening to what the coaches had to say and more importantly what they ate.

As luck would have it, The Purr had a man on the inside who has provided us with an insight as to what went on and who ate what.

This is what he reported.

Not surprisingly, Gillon himself had the big cheese.

Damian Hardwick had a lot on his plate, and as such once again couldn’t complete his final course.

Nathan Buckley was happy to scoff down jam all night, made from figs of all things.

Justin Leppitsch must have been dressed like a waiter as more than once he was asked if he could cut the mustard.

Paul Roos just munched on snow cones all night. (Well he is the Melbourne coach, and it is winter)

Oddly, Luke Beveridge didn’t eat a thing, he spent all of the night at the bar having drinks.

Leon Cameron found himself eating all sorts of exotic delicacies: served to him on a silver platter by none other than Gillon himself.

Similar to the last three years, Alistair Clarkson just had Cup Noodles. However he did have a fine array of silverware at his disposal that was the envy of all present.

And apparently, there was a food fight at some stage as Brad Scott ended up with egg on his face. It didn’t worry him though, as he tucked into his large slice of humble pie.

There were a few absentees; most of the interstate coaches didn’t turn up. In a couple of instances this was a relief to Gillon, especially in the case of Rodney Eade, as he was aware that there was no rocket for the salad. And also John Longmire; John’s reputation for eating like a horse is extremely well founded.

Overall, an excellent night was had by everyone, except for John Worsfold, who found it all a bitter pill to swallow.


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