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"He's playing like a big sook" - Frawley

  • "He's playing like a big sook" - Frawley

    ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 23: Tom Hawkins of the Cats looks upfield during the round five AFL match between the Port Adelaide Power and the Geelong Cats at Adelaide Oval on April 23, 2016 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

Triple M Football radio personality and regular Fox Footy commentator Danny Frawley has lashed out at Geelong forward Tom Hawkins, labelling the big forward as a "big sook".

Hawkins was well held by third gamer Allir Allir on Friday night, with Hawkins managing just the eight disposals and two goals in a lackluster performance.

Speaking on his regular weekend spot of Saturday afternoon's during the "Triple M Saturday Rub," Frawley was joined by colleagues Brian Taylor, James Brayshaw and Damian Barrett.

"At the moment, when the ball hits the ground, Tom is having no impact," North Melbourne president Brayshaw said. 

Damian Barrett went on to say that former Geelong player and also media personality Bill Brownless says that the heat had already come on Tom Hawkins internally before the Swans match. 

"Well if he hasn't been performing now, there's only one course of action and that's to send him back to the VFL," Frawley stated.

"Is that right now though?" Barrett asked in return

"It's not that far away.

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"Well Chris Scott will be having that decision with himself, yes, no, maybe, get the view of his coaching staff, have a chat to Tom," Frawley continued.

"Do you agree with that BT? (Brian Taylor)" Barrett asked the question towards the former Richmond and Collingwood star forward. 

"I think there's no way that between now and the end of the year that Tom Hawkins will be playing in the VFL," Taylor said.

"He will play every game for the remaining part of the year in the 1's. And that's the way it should be if they're to remain one of the more competitive sides in the top six. 

"Without him, they cannot win"

Frawley then returned to the conversation suggesting that Hawkins is capable of winning games off his own boot, but added that he allowed a third gamer in Swans defender Allir Allir to get the better of him.

"Don't get me wrong, Tom's best form won them a Grand Final, but you're talking about a guy that played his third game, and let's not take anything away from this guy, Allir Allir, he was outstanding, he was terrific, his closing speed, come on Brian, he's playing his third game, let's get some physicality into him," Frawley continued

"If I was Chris Scott, I go to Tom Hawkins, you're playing on a kid that's playing his third game, is there any chance you get him in the goal-square and give him a bit of man-to-man combat, within the rules, and be a bit forceful.

"He's playing like a big sook"

Taylor then challenged Frawley by suggesting that the former Richmond coach would just drop anyone who wasn't performing.

"No, it's not to drop them out of the side. I want to see some fight from Tommy Hawkins, I want to see some aggression, bring the ball to ground, maybe give a couple of free kicks away, but show some fight.

"There's fight or flight, and at the moment, Tommy is showing too much flight for me," Frawley finished.

Hawkins has kicked 33 goals from 14 games this season. 

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